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daniel island

Charleston, South Carolina

With over 4000 acres, Daniel Island is a well known master planned community in Charleston, SC. With it's own local schools, unique parks and playgrounds, award winning tennis facilites, and walkable downtown area, Daniel Island has become the premier address in the Low Country for family living.  

CWA has provided stamped grading and planting plans for hundreds of homes for many custom builders on Daniel Island navigating the Architectural Design Guidelines and Review Board. We are currently working on Captain's Island as well as Parkside.

Photo:Cline Homes



Fayetteville, Georgia

Trilith is an award winning master planned community designed by prominent town planner Lew Oliver showcasing old world authentic architecture. Each home is within steps of an open space park to refuel and recharge. The sense of community inspires residents from all walks of life including artists, musicians, filmmakers, and other creatives. In 2020,Trilith was awarded the Gold Winner Obie Award for Best Landscape Design Community.


CWA designs the single family and townhome streetscapes and courtyards to create the authentic feel of each region: Nordic, Age of Reason, Provence. The use of vernacular plants and natural, organic hardscape material play a vital role in placemaking.


Canton, Georgia

Idylwilde is a community of single family homes and open space parks. The client wanted to pay homage to the rural farmlands of Canton by invoking a timeless character creating a vintage look using new materials.

CWA designed the entrance monuments of the neighborhood to resemble the ruins of an old farmhouse. We provided concepts, hardscape and planting construction documents.



Summerville, South Carolina

Nexton is a large master planned mixed use community in Summerville, SC with low country vibes. Distilling down design elements to its simplest form created a modern and whimsical place to call home. "Walking school buses" are the normal in this community as well as large parks for neighborhood gatherings and planned activities. 


CWA designs individual lots for builders while adhering to Architectural Design Review Boards. We utilized modern and vernacular elements and plant material to nestle the new homes into the community. 

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